A new concept of modern interior

The concept of modern interiors has changed. The main task of the designer is to create a harmonious space for life. Therefore the Celebrity collection sets new accents.

The splendor of fabrics

Open the jewel box and enjoy the sight of its treasures. See that perfection is possible.

Shifting Priorities

The classic satin with its glamorous sheen has given way to a more current and tranquil presentation of this fabric.

Special texture

Thanks to the new texture with barely perceptible pattern the designer gets a magic wand in his hands. The fabrics allow to "play" with diffused and directional light and open up more possibilities to add unlimited dimensions and planes to an interior. Light workmanship gave the fabrics volume and aristocratic charm.

A winning combination

The combination of unusual texture and barely noticeable shine in one fabric turns the background colors (silver, coffee, beige and milk), in the independent elements of the color palette.

Celebrity palette

Each of the 59 shades of noble satin radiates soft pearly shine. Lilac shades and rich terracotta especially stand out.

White range

A breath of freshness in the interior. Conservative at first glance, it goes well with any shade of the palette.

Beige range

Warm shades are always associated with comfort and care. It is like wrapping the room with the first glints of the dawning sun.

The brown palette

Stability and wisdom, the color of the earth. It will make you relaxed and in harmony with your environment.

The red-orange color scale

Sunny, cheerful, like shades of oriental spices, will give the space that very zest and color accent.

The purple and pink range

Delicate, delicate combinations, suitable for both strict, classic interior, and for trendy projects.

Turquoise gamma

The color of the sea wave, the color of the spring sky. Due to its versatility, this range has become a favorite for many designers.

The green gamut

The flowering of life and nature, which can be guessed from the deep emerald shades. A breath of nature in the midst of concrete structures of megalopolises.

A light blue palette

Moody for dreams of distant wanderings and uncharted coasts. A deep and sensual palette.

The black and gray palette

Laconic, calm and stable. Can be the perfect base for bold experiments or an independent hero of the project.