La Manche

A story of eternal love and long-awaited happiness

The collection owes its appearance to a picture from a standard postcard of the Second World War. It depicts a songbird - a symbol of peace and love.

About the collection

The synthesis of restrained and a bit haughty English aesthetics and French sensuality and emotions. "La Manche" conveys not only a view of modern English style. It traces the nautical line "a la Francais", one of the sources of inspiration for the great couturiers of our days (Valentino, Gucci, Ralf Loren, Mulberry). The marine theme in one form or another appeared in all the latest collections of famous fashion houses as a symbol of change, lightness and inner freedom.

The fateful postcard

The journalist Mary Welsh gave Ernest Hemingway a postcard with a picture of a songbird in 1944. Their meeting during the war was an event that changed their future lives. When Mary and Ernest first met, he immediately told her: "I don't know you at all, but I want to marry you. If I can't do it today, I’m willing to wait as as long as it takes, but I will marry you..." At the end of World War II, the writer proposed, and Mary immediately accepted. They kept the commemorative card with the songbird on it as a symbol of their love for the rest of their lives.

Austerity and Freedom

The main events of this romantic story took place on the shores of the La-Manche. There is something symbolic in this, for it is the La-Manchel that makes Europe whole. It combines into a single cultural space two different mentalities - the primitive Britain and the spirit of continental Europe. The collection carries the aesthetics of the first half of the XX century. It uses the prints of the original prints of that time. Therefore, La Manche in every sense can be called a modern reading of a vintage theme.

The tactile sensations

La Manche fabrics are made in the technique, imitating hand weaving (handmade). It is the closest to the effect of homespun cloth. The composition includes the favorite material of Englishmen - natural linen - and viscose. Such a composition conveys a feeling of softness and tenderness and resembles the feeling of touching natural wool. The color scheme is as close to natural as possible. It underlines the restraint and nobility of the whole collection.

Vintage prints

La Manche has become a great selection of fabrics for decoration of a cozy house in English style. The flagship fabric of the collection is the panel with a complex author's design. On it the same bird from the postcard is pictured. The panel is made on the two bases - a soft and gentle linen cloth and weightless tulle. As addition to the panel a design-companion was created with a more classical image - in rapport. The theme of birds found a continuation in another author's design. It shows doves flying against the clear sky. The transparent tulle basis helped to convey a sense of lightness, purity and harmony. The collection is completed with vintage prints with bird silhouettes, floral compositions, damask ornaments in the "aged" technique, monochrome fabrics, classic checks and satin stripes.


La Manche palette


A soft base color that is perfect for both the main role in the project and for the basis of bold combinations of shades.


Understated yet soft. Try combining it with a warm, creamy palette or darker, deeper shades.


The perfect companion for other fabrics of the collection or the dominant one in the interior - it's up to you to decide. Appreciate the richness of patterns and textures in this shade.


A color that brings back memories of warm days and gives energy of life and a special mood to your interior. Use it as a main color or to create accents.


Looks fascinating in the romantic patterns of the collection and gives the space a feeling of homeliness.


The calm shades of graphite shades are suitable for both classic interior solutions and for the modern "loft" style.