The beauty of optical illusions

A harmony of clean lines that reveals a modern European view of geometry. In these designs one can read the present and guess the outlines of the future.

About the collection

Rational West and subtle East are the two poles of modern civilization. But no matter how different are the mentalities of the inhabitants of these two parts of the world, they invariably complement each other, creating a common cultural matrix.

The ornamental collection "Matrix" offers a new reading of the familiar geometric shapes and lines. Each pattern creates its own special optical illusion, immersing in a kaleidoscope of color and visual combinations. Due to the volume and texture of the pattern you can safely experiment with design, getting bold new combinations in the interior.

A charge of emotion

Each design is a special emotional message with a powerful visual impact. It is a center of attraction, around which a new world is formed, filled with feelings, impressions and objects. Find the right place for the fabric in the space, and it will become the center of a new harmonious world.

Balance and harmony

The color palette of the collection is chosen to balance the active pattern. Here, color and lines work in tandem, creating the most real optical illusions. Despite the bright nature of each pattern, when framed correctly it can serve not only as a central part of the interior composition, but also complement it, becoming part of the complete finished masterpiece.


Matrix's bold designs and clean shapes match the spirit of our times and convey the power of modern visual technology. They set their own rhythm and fill with energy. They are concise and multidimensional at the same time. Metal effect, light steel shine, play of forms and textures - all this embodies the new reality of the modern world, which is reflected in the fabric.


Collection palette


This clean shade with no admixtures will be an excellent basis for creative experimentation, or complement the interior as an independent detail.


Pleasant color of melted milk will add tenderness and softness to the space, creating a feeling of coziness.


Warm basic shade in the original design will advantageously emphasize the whole variety of pictures of the collection.


Shade of the sun, cheerfulness and energy helps to create a bright accent in the space, giving it a positive charge and mood.

Olive Green

Hue, created by nature. It oozes calmness, peace and harmony. Perfectly sets off the clear shapes and lines of patterns in the collection.


A deep, complex shade of red with brown undertones for bold designs and color combinations.


Cool, noble sheen, a tribute to future technologies, rediscovered in different types of light.

Light blue

A light, translucent shade capable of giving space a lightness and adding that feeling of air and freedom.


A discreet combination of blue and grassy tones, shown in the collection's minimalist designs and shapes.


A universal color, able both to set the mood and gently adjust to the chosen style of the interior. Deep and soft.