Music in textured jacquard

The new collection from Eustergerling, inspired by compositions from all over the world, motifs that are embodied in textured jacquard.

When words are not needed

We speak different languages and read different fairy tales. We are different from each other, but there is something that unites us, something for which we do not need words: Music.

Melody is a new collection from Eustergerling , inspired by compositions from around the world, motifs that are embodied in textured jacquard.

5 designs and 5 musical directions merge into one unique melody.

Damascus drawing

Where there is no place for pompous decoration, elegance and comfort are achieved with the help of Damascus drawing. But what is the sound of Damascus? With an ornate melody that flows from the ballrooms of Venice, Pisa and Genoa. Funny harmonies, born in Lyon a few centuries later. Eternal classics, accompanied by compositions of the greatest composers.


Feature of this design in increased size compared to the classic suit reading. It's like looking at a familiar design through a magnifying glass or microscope. Despite the monochrome aspect, the ornament is well readable thanks to the matte and shiny volume texture of the jacquard.

The design is ideal for traditional interiors: English, colonial, Scandinavian, Mediterranean.

Little herringbone

The fine, subtle ornament can enliven any interior and become a worthy alternative to monochrome fabric. Classic black or gray shades are ideal for discreet and austere interiors, while powdery, milky and mustard tones open wide possibilities for experiments.

The width of the fabric 290 cm allows not limiting the designer's imagination and creating curtains even for the most spacious windows.

Imitation of aged plaster

With an unpredictable combination of chords clinking strings, this design from the Melody Collection sounds like a guitar solo by Kurt Cobain, the singer of Nirvana, the leading rebel and the voice of a generation that grew up in the 1980s. The design dictates its own position and the mood in the room. The imitation of aged plaster works with the right design both in connection with classic style and with loft design.

Geometric ornament

Jacquard with an ornament, something resembling a shabby parquet layout, can be used both vertically and horizontally, playing with the design of space. Thus there is an unusual effect of fabric depth due to the use of two threads, which create an illusion of volume. The drawing has the illusion of aging, fuzziness, looks like a very modern textured fabric.


Melody Palette

All fabrics are presented in 11 color combinations and 5 designs, in a number of blocks there are 2 colors-companion, which allows you to expand their use.

White Gamma

A light melody that sounds in the early morning in the first minutes after waking up.

Beige gamma

A familiar classic which envelops the space with the sounds of violin and piano.

Brown gamma

Guitar solos, a masterful sense of comfort and happiness.

Gold gamma

Gorgeous ballrooms and couples dancing the waltz.

Purple gamma

Vibrant modern motifs that add up to an unpredictable melody.

The pink gamma

The tenderness that emerges in the soul under the soft sound of music.

Peppermint gamma

Notes permeated by spring, the first snowdrops, and melting snow.

The green gamma

The summery, colourful chords that set the mood.

The blue gamma

Music that touches your heart.

Turquoise gamma

Pure joy and gladness, captured in the melody's overtones.

Grey Gamma

A calm accord of familiar notes that you recognise with your soul.