Soul poetry in luxurious matte velvet

Metaphors are born in the interweaving of threads, continued by allegories and rhymes, creating images and fairy worlds.

The Poem of Space

Poem makes a space truly cozy and at the same time stylish. The soft and enveloping colors of the collection look confident and dignified.

Color and texture

The basis of natural and soft cotton velvet dictates restrained and muted reading of the color palette. In the catalog there are no bright and burning shades which are associated with the majority of velvet collections. The main emphasis is made on comfort and harmony, on colors close to the calm shades of cotton and woolen fabrics.

Pleasant gamma

All the nuances of color are revealed in a pleasant noble texture and comfortable for the eye natural colors. The smooth matt lustre of the cloth opens up the possibility to play with the subtle combination of colors without being distracting.

Poem palette

A dusty color palette reveals an ultra-trendy gray palette combined with beige, coffee and brown. Two deep colors are most prominent - a deep blue and a wine color. Green appeared in a restrained interpretation - from fresh greens to mint shades. The sky-blue and yellow gamut is still not losing its relevance.

The white gamut

A breath of freshness in the interior. Conservative at first glance, it goes well with any shade of the palette.

Beige range

Warm shades are always associated with comfort and care. It is like wrapping the room with the first glints of the dawning sun.

The brown palette

Stability and wisdom, the color of the earth. It will make you relaxed and in harmony with your environment.

The red-orange color scale

Sunny, cheerful, like shades of oriental spices, will give the space that very zest and color accent.

The purple and pink range

Delicate, delicate combinations, suitable for both strict, classic interior, and for trendy projects.

Turquoise gamma

The color of the sea wave, the color of the spring sky. Due to its versatility, this range has become a favorite for many designers.

The green gamut

The flowering of life and nature, which can be guessed from the deep emerald shades. A breath of nature in the midst of concrete structures of megalopolises.

A light blue palette

Moody for dreams of distant wanderings and uncharted coasts. A deep and sensual palette.

The black and gray palette

Laconic, calm and stable. Can be the perfect base for bold experiments or an independent hero of the project.