Mediterranean wind, enclosed in soft velvet

At the same time, soft and pleasant to the touch, it drapes perfectly, creating laconic and multilayered compositions. That's why the new collection of velvet from Eustergerling was named after the god of wind Zephyr.

Loved by nymph

It would come in spring, with rains and storms, thunderclouds, and sea waves would fall on the western coast. Willful, unstable, rebellious, unstoppable - this is how the ancient Greeks knew him. Rapid Zephyr, the hero of Homer's songs, golden-haired god and loved by the nymph, free and beautiful, he was gaining full power by the summer solstice. But in the east, the Zephyr was quite different - a light warm breeze that gently touched the skin of Romans.

A legend that revives in the interior

The versatility of the velvet, its texture and soft luster with a pearlescent glow make it an ideal option for interior design in all styles.

A certain orientation of the pile opens up space for experiments: by turning the fabric, you could add games and achieve an interesting effect. Zoning with Zephir also helps you look at the space in a new way.

Unweightable and airy

The velvet in Zephir's catalog is extremely light, only 370 grams per square meter.

Its width of 3 meters and the ability to gain the desired height allows you to play with the fabric as in an interior with standard windows, and in rooms with high ceilings and large window openings.

Amazing resistance to wear and tear

50000 cycles of Martindale dough makes velvet suitable not only for drapes, but also for bedspreads and pillows, upholstery.


Zephir palette

The catalog has a rich palette of 46 actual, traditional, trend colors. They are all so different, as if Flora herself had sprinkled on the fabric some roses, violets, lilies and gerbers. The entire palette of the collection is a study of best-selling flowers from previous Eustergerling collections, which are perfectly combined with existing collections.

White Gamma

A sip of freshness in the interior. Conservative at first glance, it fits perfectly with any shade of the palette.

Beige range

Warm shades are always associated with coziness and care. It is as if they envelop the room with the first reflections of the dawn sun.

Brown gamma

Stability and wisdom, earth color. The gamma will allow you to relax and find harmony with the world around you.

Red-Orange Gamma

Sunny, cheerful as the shades of oriental spices, will give the space that very zest and color accent.

Yellow-gold range

Noble shades of gold, sun and sandy beaches, which are always associated with wealth and prosperity.

Purple-pink gamma

Tender delicate combinations, which are suitable both for a strong classic interior and for spicy projects.

Turquoise-green gamma

A gulp of nature among the concrete structures of metropolises. The colors of the sea wave, the spring sky. Due to its versatility has become a favorite gamma for many designers.

Light blue gamma

Настраивает на мечты о далеких странствиях и неизведанных берегах. Глубокая и чувственная гамма.

Black and gray gamma

Conciseness, stability and peace of mind. It may become an excellent base for bright experiments or an independent character of the project.